National Science Library

National Science Library National Science Library established in 1981 as a development project of Bangladesh National Scientific and Technical Documentation Center (bansdoc). The principal aim of National Science Library is to collect and provide books and other publications on science and technology to be used by the scientists, technologists, teachers,Continue Reading


Purana Dulal Bhowmik Purana a kind of didactic literature comprising history, anecdotes, and legends. In contrast to the vedas, the Puranas are written in easy language and in the form of stories so that people can derive enjoyment from them as well as learn about religious matters. The Puranas containContinue Reading

State and Religion

State and Religion Sirajul Islam State and Religion : Religion plays a significant role in the state system of today’s Bangladesh. It was far more so in ancient and medieval times. Even the British rulers, who were least concerned with the religious beliefs of the people, recognised their religious sensitivities,Continue Reading

Chaitra Sangkranti Mela

Chaitra Sangkranti Mela Anjalika Mukhopadhyay Chaitra Sangkranti Mela is a folk fair taking place on the last day of the Bangla month of Chaitra. In Hindu culture, the last day of a Bangla month is called sangkranti, but the last day of the month of Chaitra is considered particularly auspicious.Continue Reading

Dhali Nritya

Dhali Nritya Sambaru Chandra Mohanta Dhali Nritya a mode of war dance performed by men, especially popular among aboriginal communities. This dance originated in the medieval period and imitated the martial techniques of the armed warrior groups raised by the zamindars of Bengal from the lowly Hadi, bagdi, and domContinue Reading