National Science Library

National Science Library

National Science Library

National Science Library established in 1981 as a development project of Bangladesh National Scientific and Technical Documentation Center (bansdoc).

The principal aim of National Science Library is to collect and provide books and other publications on science and technology to be used by the scientists, technologists, teachers, students, and researchers of the country.

The resources are acquired according to the recommendations and selection made by a national expert committee approved by the government.

The costly books and serials that the R&D organisations and university libraries/ departments cannot acquire are generally procured.

There is provision in its scheme to undertake publications and distribution of scientific books for all levels of education, particularly for SSC and HSC levels.

National Science Library : Bayazid Akter

The National Science Library is in fact an agency to supplement the resources of all the libraries by its own selective acquisition and also to act as the referral center and clearing house for maximum utilization of the existing materials in the country.

Thereby it extends its base of operations as a national library of Science and Technology.

Library information services are enhanced frequently with the addition of new books to its stock and by subscribing new foreign journals and periodicals.

The library subscribes about 90 titles of national and international scientific and technological journals.

At present National Science Library has about 17,000 books. It has a national advisory committee and 13 employees.

—Bayazid Akter

Source: Banglapedia

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